Cycling In Flanders

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Cycling is regarded as the national sport of Flanders. In Flanders, there is 3000 km of cycle paths and around 12,000 km of road cycling routes. Given the compact nature of the region – this gives you some idea of the prominence of the sport in Flanders. Whether it’s gently cycling along a river, climbing steep hills in the Flemish Ardennes, or riding through the treetops in Limburg, Flanders is a cycling destination for people at all levels; from families to hardcore road cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling in Flanders has a deep heritage, this is the land of the Flanders Spring Classics – the Tour of Flanders – with home-grown cycling greats such as Eddy Merckx, Johan Museeuw and Tom Boonen. No wonder Flanders is said to be the birthplace of cycling. Even people who don’t cycle in Flanders are very passionate and knowledgeable about cycling.

Read on to learn more about including a cycling adventure for your clients in Flanders – it’s a fantastic way to experience the region!

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